With each step my feet land on skeletal remains, so brittle they crumble to dust. The skies bleed ash, but I would crawl through time and space to make it back to you.

Send me Bluepulse fic prompts & thank you I lahv you

Anonymous asked "I adored Penny for your thoughts it was so lovely and well written, thank you so much for writing this. Can i ask if you could write a bluepulse story on Jaime comforting Bart over champurrado a mexican chocolate based drink, if you have the time xx. Also what made you ship Bluepulse?"

Squee! Thank you so much for the feedback! (^ᴗ^) And I think I started shipping Bluepulse when I was re-watching YJ for the second time, so it was around this past December. I’m not sure which particular moment or episode really got me interested in the pairing; it was more their overall interactions that made me ship them. There’s also an element of tragedy to them, given how Bart came to the past for Jaime even though it meant giving up the life he was born into, and battling with pre-written destinies. Aha I could basically rant about them all day…

Ooh and thanks also for the prompt request!

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    Hum of a Heartbeat

    Rating: Teen
    Warning: Contains character death
    Authors Note: I think this is one of my better written fanfics, though this is just the first chapter. If I ever decide to continue it then it’ll definitely include Bluepulse. xD
    Read in on fanfiction.net.

    The soil sighs under Bart’s boots, dark and slick from the last rainfall. His mother loves rain. She says that it used to fall in clear drops that left a glistening sheen on the roads and pavement. Now the rain is dark and tainted like acid. It stings too, almost as much as the ashes and bitter sediment do when they drift from the sky to land on his face, clothes, any of his exposed flesh, really.

    He crouches low to the ground as he meanders forwards. “Always travel at night,” his father says, “under the safety of the moon.” Yet he’s learned from personal experience that the moon does little to provide guidance at night. Now, only thin, wobbly rays of moonlight peak through the ever-present cloud cover. Instead, Bart is forced to travel in perpetual darkness, making sure to hug the skeletons of buildings for cover. His arm brushes against hunks of dilapidated debris: ghosts of the proud skyscrapers and sturdy homes that once filled the earth.

    Craning his head, Bart can just barely make out the shuffle of footsteps from up ahead. The inhibitor collar chafes his neck, but even without superspeed, he’s still fast.

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      A Penny For Your Thoughts

      Rating: All ages
      Pairing: Bluepulse 

      Warning: May not contain plot. 
      Spoiler: Does not contain plot. 

      Desiccated leaves crackled underfoot as Bart ran, the brisk morning air filling his lungs with every inhalation. The dirt path was worn from years of use, and by now Bart had every inch of the park ingrained in memory; from the horizontal stories engraved on the trees, to the loose rocks scattered like constellations, and, finally, the massive, burbling fountain that marked the end of his run.

      Bart was just nearing the clearing when he did something he rarely ever did — he tripped. And not just a stumble, but a full-out face-plant. As the star of the Central City Track Team, with years of running and cross-country tournaments behind him, this was something that just didn’t happen, not to him, anyways. His face flushing bright crimson, Bart dusted his knees and wiped at his gravel embedded cheek, wincing at the sharp sting. He examined himself carefully, knowing that as soon as he looked up, the inevitable would happen again. And it did.

      The park was usually deserted when Bart came for his early morning runs, but a good ten feet away was a dark-haired teenager sitting beside the park fountain, completely unaware of Bart’s presence. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the sun was finally coming up, and its rays poured over the boy’s coppery skin like caramel. His ebony hair was slightly tousled, and bubbling jets of water sparkled out of the fountain beside him, like a scene straight out of the movie. A trio of naked cherubs affixed to the fountain made it look as if Heaven was rejoicing at the boy’s existence.

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        So… I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now… but is Jaime Reyes’s (Blue Beetle’s) questionably romantic friendship/relationship with a time traveler (Impulse) in Young Justice supposed to be a reference to the questionably romantic friendship/relationship between Ted Kord (previous…

          • Dad: Blue Beetle and Impulse...
          • Me: Yeah? What about them?
          • Dad: They need to just kiss already.
          • Me:
          • Dad: I mean come on.

Cute Moon by floobings

original size


          Cute Moon by floobings

          and then I TRIED TO MAKE A CUTE BLUEPULSE WALLPAPER? the moon’s cute

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            Bluepulse Hunger Games AU - Part 1

            Rating: T
            Pairing: Bluepulse

            Word Count:  11,828

            A/N: The first part in my Hunger Games alternate universe. unoriginal fic is unoriginal
            Read it on fanfiction.net.

            The Tributes - Chapter 1

            I awake to the sound of screaming. It’s high and shrill and the kind of desperate crying only a mother should here. I swear I am anything but weak. I have lived my life with a shortage of food, a scarcity of luxury items, and a fear that is ever present. I have faced much worse days, but hearing Milagro wail like that makes something inside of me crack.

            Fear clutches at my throat, working it’s way from my heart to my chest, and I’ll admit, okay, waking up to such anguished howling is rather… unnerving. Though not entirely unexpected.

            Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I amble into the quaint living room where my sister is cocooned against mi mamá’s body. She traces soothing circles along Milagro’s back, and their matching heads of ebony hair are inky black like the sky at night. Now, however, the sky is a myriad of oranges, pinks, yellows, and the slightest tinge of red. A deep red, as if to symbolize the innocent blood that is soon to be spilled.

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              Bluepulse Episode Guide

              ps spoilers

              👌 perf

                  Caught the Bug


                  Rating: K 
                  Pairing: Bluepulse 
                  A/N: *insert interesting author note here*  
                   ~just a little drabble where Milagro and Khaji pick on Jaime (^ᴗ^)
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                  Jaime ambled into the kitchen, dragging his feet as he walked. His eyes, still half-lidded with sleep, fixated blearily on the clock above the kitchen stove. It was almost noon. 

                  "Look who it is," Milagro sing-songed as Jaime shuffled past her.

                  On any other day he would’ve made a sarcastic remark, fueling the constant bickering that occurred between them. But not today; not when his fatigue was bone-deep and his entire aura exuded tiredness. The better part of his night had been spent on a Team mission, and it seemed that his sleep-deprivation was finally catching up to him.

                  Milagro peered expectantly at him, before whispering, “It’s the bugboy.”

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